MOLI’s vision is more inclusive African societies reached through building African communities free from discrimination. As one of our strategic outcomes, we are contributing so partners in four Central and Francophone East African countries are duly equipped and supported to advance toward our vision through a set of various forms of support and resources we facilitate.

In terms of capacity building, MOLI plays a leading role to facilitate the strengthening and acquiring of skills at an individual and organizational level with ways of making an impact on the community as a whole.

About the Campaign

On our way to supporting the most marginalized in the society, there are barriers limiting access to education: a state-sponsored homophobia that fuels societal homophobia and diminishes the sense of agency in queer people; and families without the income to assist children’s education because the economy has suffered years of conflict. The ability to offer opportunities to everyone regardless of their social background, identity, or sexual orientation will strengthen the community in Burundi.

The scholarship fund will be offering an opportunity to community members to further their studies:

  • Six to twelve months vocational training on technical skills in electricity, plumbing or mechanics enable them to make a living,
  • Three years bachelor studies at local higher learning institutions as an enhancer to construct their own careers on their road to financial independence.

$480 for a full scholarship (including housing and living expenses) for a 6-month vocational training program; and a range from $1800-$2200 for a full scholarship (including housing and living expenses) for a year of university education.

The program seeks to reduce the incidence of violence based on SOGIE, mitigate socioeconomic barriers and exclusions based on sexual orientation and gender identity by facilitating LGBT youth to access educational opportunities so that they can enter the workforce! 

The Rustin Fund board of directors retains discretion over the use of funds.

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