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Community Health Initiatives for Youth (CHIYN) 

Community Health Initiatives for Youth (CHIYN) is an LGBTI-led non-profit organization providing vital health and other social services for LGBTI community members in Minna City in Niger State, Nigeria. Over the past three years, CHIYN has provided health services for over 5000 members of the community via a drop in center and health outreach sessions-focused on HIV/AIDS, TB, healthy living and of late, COVID prevention.  CHIYN’s motto is like many similar organizations:  “Nothing For Us Without Us.”

Due to extreme homo/transphobia, LGBTI persons are often “kicked out” of their families and homes, and left to fend for themselves,  As a community organization, CHIYN has mobilized the community to help itself.  This relatively modest home has been a life saver for so many.  CHIYN’s membership is now struggling to pay the rent for the coming year starting in May 2023 (In Nigeria, rent must be paid for an entire year).  The total rent is $3200, however, through an income generating project and membership funds, CHIYN has been able to raise more than half of that.  In total, CHIYN is looking for $1,000 to cover the annual rent.   

Can you chip in to assist CHIYN in their efforts to serve their community?

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