Implementation Strategies

1. Provide a platform for US donors to invest directly in LGBTI individuals, organizations, and movements.

The Rustin Fund for Global Equality primarily uses a web-based platform and social media to connect US-based supporters with global LGBTI causes, detailing various organizations and individuals that US-based individuals can select for financial investment with limited overhead costs. The platform offers a menu of options for support—detailing the various organizations’ missions, visions, and ways of working—as well as provide real-time updates on the organizations’ progress.

2. Investigate and raise awareness regarding critical needs and gaps in LGBTI movements.

The Rustin Fund for Global Equality investigates and raises awareness about success and challenges of LGBTI individuals, organizations and movements developing economies. After meeting specific criteria developed with a global of advisors (many of whom currently reside in developing economies), the Rustin Fund for Global Equality provides core support to organizations working in the sector.


3. Generate attention and funding in moments of need to respond to political and social challenges to LGBTI rights and to strengthen and sustain movements.

In response to crises and challenges that LGBTI movements face at national and local level in developing economies, the Rustin Fund for Global Equality conducts fundraising campaigns to galvanize crucial support at the right time. The Rustin Fund for Global Equality recognizes that political and legal trends can arise quickly and that urgent support is needed for LGBTI movements to respond and to sustain their activities. The Rustin Fund for Global Equality provides financial support for organized movements to develop advocacy campaigns and to provide urgently needed services in their settings—including providing legal and other support to human rights defenders in trouble and working to influence public opinion in favor of the rights of LGBTI people.