Twiybake Scholarship Fund – BURUNDI

MATCHING OPPORTUNITY –The Rustin Fund will match up to $5000 in funds raised before 31 December 2023!  

2023 witnessed an uptick in stigma, discrimination, and violence towards LGBTQI+ communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Most notably, restrictive legislation in Uganda, which penalizes those convicted of “aggravated homosexuality” with a death sentence, passed with nearly unanimous support in Uganda’s parliament. While the situation in Uganda remains challenging, neighboring countries throughout East Africa have been swept up in this anti-LGBTQI+ sentiment.  One of those countries is Burundi, the only country in Africa to actually criminalize same-sex behavior in this century, where the trend has been towards decriminalization. 

In honor of Bayard Rustin’s legacy, the Rustin for Global Equality is partnering with MOLI to support a scholarship program for LGBTQI+ students in Burundi through the Twiyubake Scholarship Fund.  With all the challenges, we feel investing in the education of young people is vital to overcoming stigma, discrimination, and violence.  Data suggests that education is a strong factor in alleviating poverty and is one of many long-term strategies for reducing hate and promoting more love.  

Serving its community for almost 15 years, MOLI works with other Burundian human rights organizations in offering an open and participatory process for students to apply for scholarships.  MOLI estimates $2100 covers the average annual tuition and living expenses for one full-time academic student at a university in Burundi, and $750 covers the average tuition and living expenses for one student to attend a certified vocational program, such as in healthcare, agriculture and livestock farming, construction, carpentry, or fashion/tailoring.  

University of Burundi

furniture making

coffee growing

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