IRCA Casabierta is a San Jose-based organization that assists LGBTI international migrants in seeking asylum and settling into safe living situations in Costa Rica. Costa Rica promises freedom, security, and equality to LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers in Latin America. Threats of violence against queer people are far lower in Costa Rica than nearby countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

IRCA Casabierta focuses on all aspects of a migrant’s relocation and resettlement journey by covering costs associated with international migration, offering food and rent stipends for LGBTI refugees and immigrants in Costa Rica, and supporting resettled LGBTI folks through psychological, legal, and health services. They are planning to finance the relocation of 11 transgender women from around the greater Latin American region and need financial support.

IRCA Casabierta wants to raise enough money to relocate 11 transgender women and support them for a total of six months: one month to relocate to Costa Rica, plus their first five months in San Jose. Per person, the costs of relocation ($560) plus six months’ worth of living costs in Costa Rica (6 x $500 = $3,000) costs $3,560. In their plans to assist 11 women, IRCA Casabierta needs your help to raise a total of $39,160.

All contributions made toward this goal will make a substantial impact. Consider whether you might be able to support the costs affiliated with a specific aspect of IRCA Casabierta’s demonstrated needs. Can you contribute $30 to cover fees associated with immigration procedures? Are you able to donate $50 to cover IRCA Casabierta’s institutional services? Can you help pay for some or all of the $290 needed to make rent each month?

Your donations will save lives and enable 11 transgender women to create new futures for themselves in a safe environment. We thank you for your support!

CHIYN/COVID-19 Relief – Addressing Mental Health and Food Insecurity

Community Health Initiative for Youth in Nigeria (CHIYN) is a LGBTIQ-led organization base in Abuja (FCT) and Minna (Niger State) Nigeria.  Our focus is on the health and well-being of our community.  We exist because of major challenges in Nigeria regarding human rights for LGBTIQ people.  Due to the 2014 Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, as well as the existence of Sharia law in parts of Northern Nigeria, our community members continue to suffer; lacking support from families and communities, as well as lacking access to quality health (including mental health) services. 

CHIYN Mental Health Campaign CHIYN Staff arriving at Community Clinic

Already marginalized, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our LGBTIQ community severely. Many members have lost their jobs and housing; and are struggling to survive.  Mental health challenges and depression have increased.  Just last week, we had three members seriously threaten to commit suicide. Many of our community members have been shunned by their families and communities because of their LGBTIQ status, hence, we have stepped up to help each other survive. 

CHIYN has been a beacon of hope for many.  Over the past few years, we have grown to not only advocate for better conditions for LGBTIQ people, we now are operating our own mental health service, and helping to manage physical health services specifically for LGBTIQ persons via USAID and other donor funds. We also are forging relationships with our local government to promote the health of our community.

Over the past 12 months, we reached over 23,000 LGBTQI people with health messages; and to date we are assisting over 600 LGBTQI people to remain on HIV treatment.  We also are currently helping to house 80 LGBTQI persons in Abuja and Minna (Niger State).  In the past year, we also documented and responded to over 450 cases of gender-based violence.

For the past eight months under COVID-19 lockdowns, we have pooled our limited personal resources to provide emergency food assistance, temporary safe housing and mental health support for numerous community members. However, the need greatly outpaces the minimal resources we have.  We really need additional support.  A small amount goes a long way.  Please consider supporting us!

Thank you so much for your support!

CHIYN Community Forum on Human Rights CHIYN Community Member



Mexico-based Brújula Intersexual makes intersex issues visible by denouncing the human rights violations experienced by intersex people. In distributing information to and providing workshops for the general public as well as public servants, doctors, psychologists, and other professionals, Brújula Intersexual also collaborates with national human rights organizations to develop policies that protect intersex people from discrimination and that protect their human rights. Brújula Intersexual stands against medically unnecessary surgeries, which intersex infants and minors are subjected to without their fully informed consent. These surgeries violate their right to self-determination, bodily integrity and physical autonomy.

Brujula Intersexual - Taller IPN octubre 2019

In the time of COVID-19, the intersex community in Mexico and Latin America are facing exacerbated situations.  These include the inability to access essential medications–such as those necessary for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, an intersex variation–and difficulty accessing life-saving medical treatments for long-term issues resulting from intersexual genital mutilation and other medical conditions.

Brújula Intersexual has stepped up to support the intersex community in Mexico and the region and is working to provide basic needs during this urgent time.  Medical support can help to prevent death, prevent incapacitation from neglected health needs, and to reduce complications due to the lack of access to healthcare.  Brújula Intersexual is also working to support people’s food needs as well as their ability to communicate with friends and loved ones and to receive psychosocial support in this critical time.

Brujula Intersexual - botones


COVID-19 has affected many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in Jamaica with seven in every eight person indicating it has had financial, social, mental or emotional impact on them. 
Over the last couple weeks, since the first case was reported, a number of people have reached out to us at J-FLAG, WE-Change, Transwave Jamaica and Equality Youth JA for assistance with food and other daily expenses. Through donations received, we were able to assist a little over two hundred persons in Kingston & St Andrew, St Catherine and St Elizabeth with care packages but, as you can imagine, this is not enough. 
We desperately need your help to provide assistance to those who are unable to work and have lost their income and those who are homeless as this is a really difficult time for many people. 
In April, an online survey conducted among over 200 LGBTQ people found that due to COVID:
  • 24.24% of LGBTQ people have lost their job;
  • 29.29% are unable to afford to pay rent, utilities and other bills; and
  • 30.3% are unable to buy groceries.
The #GiveOneHelpOne campaign seeks to raise funds to prepare and distribute care packages with food and toiletries to LGBTQ Jamaicans who are in need.
We need your help to support those who desperately need our help. Your donation will go a far way in helping those who are in need during this time. 
Thank you so much for your kind donation. We truly appreciate your kindness and support in this difficult time.  
Jaevion, Shawna, Neish & Raihn from 
J-FLAG, WE-Change, Transwave Jamaica and Equality Youth JA

APCOM – HERO Awards 2019



About APCOM:

APCOM wants a world where all gay men, other men who have sex with men and people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics can fully participate in and achieve sustainable development in all aspects of their health, rights and wellbeing.


Formed in 207, APCOM is a Bangkok-based NGO network of over 200 community-based organisations across 38 countries in the Asia Pacific region. The organisation’s primary focus is reducing the impact of HIV on vulnerable communities. And APCOM works to improve human rights and access to healthcare for LGBTI people in partnership with civil society groups, government agencies, diplomatic missions and international organisations like the UN and the Global Fund.

Standing for HIV, Equality and Rights, the HERO Awards is an annual gala event in Bangkok which acknowledges outstanding service to the HIV response in Asia and the Pacific, and to the region’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) communities. The HERO Awards also raises money for the HIV and LGBTI human rights work of APCOM, a leading Asia Pacific HIV and LGBTI community network based in Bangkok.


Taking place on Friday 22 November at the Netherlands Ambassador’s Residence in Bangkok, the HERO Awards is a special fundraising event for the Bangkok-based APCOM Foundation, a leading NGO which works to fight HIV and advance LGBTI health and rights across the Asia Pacific region.

View the video of the HERO Awards event in 2018 which was hosted at the British Ambassador’s Residence, THANK YOU so much for your support last year!

48219084_2412040835537105_2988225295783297024_o (1).jpg 

More information can be found here:

Read our TENACITY: Leaving on one behind strategic framework 2018-2020

Rainbow House

Video contains English subtitles

In a small country in Central Asia called Kyrgyzstan, the LGBT+ community is daily plagued with stigmatization and discrimination. They face limited access to social services, abuse from police, illegal detentions, blackmailing, domestic violence, physical attacks, rape and even torture. They lack safe environments where they can meet, socialize, talk or just simply be themselves.

Recent constitutional amendments, passed via a referendum, have strengthened the power of the state at both the cost of democracy and civic society. The state campaign advocating for the amendments was full of anti-LGBT messages, with particular focus on changing the definition of marriage from between two adults to between a man and a woman. A discriminatory bill, which seeks to criminalize the promotion of LGBT+ rights in a similar fashion to Russia, is making its way through parliament.

Safe spaces are vitally important for communities such as ours and that is why NGO Kyrgyz Indigo is raising funds for a “Rainbow House” (watch the video here). This community centre will offer:

  • a safe haven where excluded, abandoned or terrorized LGBT+ persons can find shelter;
  • a creative space where LGBT+ people can collaborate and fulfill their potential;
  • a learning environment where we can empower each other;
  • a secluded area for LGBT+ people to socialize without fear of being forcefully outed;
  • a secure base, financially sustainable, for us to continue helping LGBT+

Our desire to establish the Rainbow House comes not just in the face of the challenges mentioned above but also with the aim of making our society more inclusive and diverse, and foster a commitment to human rights and equal opportunities.

What we need & what you will get

Creating and equipping the Rainbow House with all it needs to accommodate LGBT+ people in need and to enable us to continue standing up for their rights is expensive and resource consuming. We estimate the total cost to be around $100,000, of which so far we’ve raised $52,000.

Every dollar donated by you will move us closer to our main goal of creating a space where gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex and transgender persons, as well as their allies and families, can freely express their sexual orientations and gender identities. It will be a space where diversity, equality, mutual understanding, respect and positive recognition are embraced, something crucial for the spiritual, intellectual and physical development of us all.

By donating to our cause you will be contributing tremendously to LGBT+ activism not only in Kyrgyzstan but also in Central Asia, as whilst the situation is difficult in our country, in the four other countries in Central Asia the situation is worse. For many, Kyrgyzstan is a refuge and the Rainbow House could be invaluable for their safety and wellbeing. You will also be actively playing a part in creating an inclusive country with equal rights for all.

Once the Rainbow House has been established, you are invited to visit our beautiful home, giving you the opportunity to witness a part of the world you might not have explored before. Alternatively, you could become a volunteer for Kyrgyz Indigo, helping promote equal rights in Kyrgyzstan.

This campaign is part of a series of ongoing fundraisers. If we raise just $7,000 more, the Rainbow House will become a reality! We know that Kyrgyz Indigo’s Rainbow House will be key to empowering the LGBT+ community to stand up for their rights and help transform Kyrgyzstan into a country that values diversity, respects human rights and appreciates the rule of law.

Thank you for your support!



Providing Disaster Relief to LGBTI Bahamians

LGBTI people are often left out of Caribbean disaster relief responses.  In the wake of the first hurricane of the season, many displaced LGBT persons in the Bahamas are urgently in need of safe and friendly temporary housing.  The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) Coalition, is the largest indigenous charity working in the area of human rights and sexual and reproductive health in the region. CVC has teamed up with the Rustin Fund to get rapid and urgent assistance to our LGBT brothers and sisters in the Bahamas. This is a direct lifeline of support managed by CVC through LGBT groups in the Bahamas ensuring emergency funds reach them quickly. It is made possible solely thanks to your kindness and generosity.




We received sad news on Sunday, December 30, 2018 that our office — affectionately monikered ‘Rainbow House’ — was engulfed in fire late in the evening.  The fire which caused severe damage and destruction to the building and its contents.

thumbnail (3)

Though the property did not belong to us, it became our home where we worked and made history having staged most of our first pride events there.  As staff and community members stood there that night while the fire blazed our spirits fell. It’s even more a damper on our spirits and significant impediment on our work given Rainbow House was a safe space for the community. It was there we held many activities to build community, educational sessions around laws and policies and human rights, document human rights violations, convene support groups for transgender and non-gender conforming persons and discuss issues such as self stigma and internalized homophobia and transphobia and violence perpetrated against LGBT people. Already, this is hampering our ability to undertake these and related activities at low cost.


While investigations are still ongoing, there is evidence that the severity of the fire means we have lost most of our files, equipment, furniture and other supplies (cumulatively 90% damage). From our calculations of the contents in the building that were destroyed, we estimate we will need about US $50,000 – US $60,000 to recover them and achieve some level of normalcy in our operations. 

*The cost of the damage to the building is not known. 

We are very grateful to the support that we have received thus far from everyone. We are slowly resuming operations on will continue to fundraise to restore all we lost to effectively operate and under the critical work we must do for the local LGBT community.

thumbnail (1)

Please make a donation to help us restore and continue our operations to ensure protection of the rights of LGBT people in Jamaica. 

thumbnail (5)

We are also open to other forms of support. Interested persons and organisations can email us at

thumbnail (2)

*Funds are being raised by Rustin Fund for J-FLAG. All donations received will go directly to J-FLAG in Jamaica to recover what was lost and does not, in anyway, include costs for damage to the building.

Stop AIDS in Liberia (SAIL)


Stop AIDS in Liberia (SAIL) was founded 28 September 1998 with the aims and objectives of creating HIV and AIDS awareness targeting Youth, Sex Workers, PLWHIV, SOGI, Home Based Care and Counseling for community members.


SAIL envision a non-discriminatory and an AIDS free society where Liberians live healthier and happier lives.


The mission of SAIL is to contribute to the reduction of the spread of HIV and AIDS through the promotion of human rights.

Core values: (The Seven We of SAIL)

  1. We promote diversity
  2. We are Participants Focused
  3. We embrace Integrity
  4. We advocate for Justice
  5. We believe and practice Professionalism
  6. We strive for quality and excellence
  7. We foster Partnerships

Identity: SAIL Color is Red, White and Blue where red stand for Blood representing where HIV lives mostly in body and white stands for Body fluids and the sign for peace! And Blue for living in reality of time and national transformation for human rights development and Protection for all for national commitment and ties.


SAILING though the Walls of HIV and Human Rights Violations where by promoting, advocating and protecting the Rights of all!


SAIL operate in 12 counties namely:

  1. Montserrado
  2. Margibi
  3. Grand Bassa
  4. Lofa
  5. Bong
  6. Nimba
  7. Grand Cape
  8. Bomi
  9. Gbarpolu
  10. Grand Gedeh
  11. River Gee
  12. Maryland


Beneficiaries of SAIL projects and programs are approximately 1,000 members of the LGBTI and Key Population including PLHIV community. The organization and leadership consists of a Board of Directors who makes policy decisions and establishes the mission and goals. An Executive Director heads the Senior Management Team (SMT) which includes a Program Manager and Finance Officer. Stephen K. McGill is the Executive Director and Professor Stephen M. Jubwe, Sr. serve as the Chairman, Board of Directors


Support alQaws – Kickstart the Next 10 Years

Join us in celebrating 10 years, and support us as we embark on the next 10!
The Last Ten | Since forming ten years ago, alQaws has emerged as the leading grassroots Palestinian LGBTQ led movement supporting individuals, building up communities, and transforming society across divisions—colonial, cultural, social, economic, etc.
Our work began in Jerusalem with a handful of activists seeking space to gather and with a vision for a society that embraces gender and sexual diversity. It has grown to include centralized hubs of work and spaces in 4 cities (and expanding), and programs and projects that reach LGBTQ individuals, youth, and communities, as well teachers, families, mental health professionals, musicians, journalists, civil society organizations, and more.

alQaws Timeline/Major Milestones

Celebrating Ten | Today, alQaws is Palestinian society’s largest and most influential organization working on LGBTQ and broader sexual and gender diversity issues. Our strategies for social change emerge from local LGBTQ needs and experiences, and our programs are locally relevant. We work across four interlinked areas:

Counseling & Services: with our alKhat National Listening and Information hotline, TransFocus program and advocacy among mental health professionals.

Communities & Outreach: with youth groups, community spaces, outreach programs, and leadership and capacity building and queer parties.

Training & Advocacy: with trainings, advocacy with civil society organizations, high schools, professional networks, and families.

Culture & Media: with infographicssocial media campaigns, youth-oriented comics and music.

alQaws Youth Oriented Comic Series

The Next Ten | As we move forward into the next decade, we are committed to increasing our outreach to LGBT/queer Palestinian communities in more remote areas (outside the hubs we have established and thrived in), and increasing our visibility across our society to grow an even larger and more impactful movement.

Poster from alQaws’ social media campaign/ July 2017

3 Ways to Show Your Support:

1. Pledge what you can today

2. Sustain Your Support

Celebrate 10 years with a pledge $10 or more per month. Your ongoing support is so important to us that choosing the monthly option at any level means that you receive all the benefits for all levels!

3. Share this campaign with 10 friends

We value our connections to others above all else–friends, family, and social and professional networks drive the success of our work and keep us motivated in the face of hardship. Amplify what you can give and help us grow our network of support by sharing this campaign among your connections. Do you have 10 friends who can give $10? Do you have 10 friends who might together match your support of $500? Think of possibilities within your reach–let’s show the power of the crowd to support a queer Palestinian movement!


Follow alQaws’ fundraising events in NYC (Sep. 24th – Oct. 5th) via our Facebook Page or be directly in touch with alQaws team for further details and/or for fundraising ideas:

Idea & Animation of Campaign Video: Matthew Khoury & Naif Shaqqur

The Equality Hub

In Under The Rainbow, a Nigerian lesbian narrates her journey of self-discovery. As she takes us through her experiences, we see firsthand what it is to be homosexual in an unforgivingly homophobic society, and the total alienation that can come from being despised, ostracized and ridiculed by the ones you love. This is a story of rejection and loss, but also a powerful story of triumph that comes with love.
This is not just any donation – this is your opportunity to play your role in ensuring that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice.
Your support will help change hearts towards acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria. We believe that visual storytelling has the power to create social change. It will help to make sure that the future generations of LGBT Nigerians don’t have to grow up in the same homophobic society that exists today.
We’ve already secured the funding to complete the film. That takes care of the first part of the overall project. The second part of the project is the engagement part – making sure that the people who need to see the film actually see the film.



Thai Transgender Alliance

Securing Equality for Transgender People in Thailand
This campaign aims to combat transphobia and promote acceptance by contributing to the organizing efforts of groups, including the Thai Transgender Foundation. The Thai Transgender Foundation advocates for an improved quality of life for trans people in Thailand, working to raise awareness and secure equality under the law.

The Rustin Fund for Global Equality is a fund of the Tides Foundation, which retains discretion over the use of funds.



The Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa is a pan-African feminist organization based in Johannesburg. Its work is focused on strategic litigation to improve the human and sexual rights of women across Africa. The work is based on the belief that strategic litigation is a powerful tool for social change. The organization works to expand the pool of lawyers who can successfully promote human and sexual rights issues, and hold governments and institutions accountable for human rights violations.


Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, which supports the work of LGBTI organizations working in developing economies. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to ISLA.



Support LGBTI refugees and other people impacted by crises across the Arab world
Support two organizations, HELEM and the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), which are based in Lebanon and work with LGBTI refugees and other people across the region.

AFE’s core purpose is enable lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to become full, respected participants in societies across the Middle East and North Africa. Much of the work centers on HIV prevention and treatment, especially among men who have sex with men. It also documents the growth of the region’s gender and sexual freedom movements, and works on security and censorship issues that often inhibit freedom.

HELEM is a Beirut-based organization that works to protect and expand the rights of LGBTI people in Lebanon.


Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, which supports the work of LGBTI organizations working in developing economies. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to HELEM and AFE.

Alternatives Cameroun

Support Health and Human Rights Advocates in Cameroon, West Africa

More LGBTI people are arrested in Cameroon than in any other country in the world. Since 1996, Alternates for Cameroun has been working to promote health and human rights for LGBTI people. Your contribution to this campaign will empower individuals and the community in their quest for tolerance, dignity, health, and security.


Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, which supports the work of LGBTI organizations working in developing economies. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to Alternatives Cameroun.

Insight Ukraine

Homosexuality has been decriminalized in the Ukraine since the Soviet Union’s fall, in the early 1990s. But LGBTI people in the Ukraine face significant challenges: In a 2013 poll, 80 percent of Ukrainians said they opposed any form of same-sex relations, and 63 percent described homosexuality as a “perversion” and a “mental disease.” Insight Ukraine is one of the few organizations working to improve various aspects of life–including shelter–for LGBTI Ukrainians.

Provide shelter and services and LGBTI people in Ukraine by supporting organizations like Insight Ukraine.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, which supports the work of LGBTI organizations working in developing economies. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to Insight Ukraine.

Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) Coalition


Providing Disaster Relief to the LGBTI Persons in the Caribbean

LGBTI people have been left out of Caribbean disaster relief in the wake of a series of 2017 hurricanes that struck the region–in part because much of the recovery funding is filtered through families, and local authorities. The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) Coalition, which provides HIV prevention and treatment to vulnerable Caribbean populations, also assists these communities in the aftermath of natural disasters. This campaign supports Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality at Tides Foundation, which supports  the work of LGBTI organizations in low- and middle-income countries. We will recommend that proceeds go to Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) Coalition to support grassroots efforts.


Creating Community for LGBTI Youth in Albania

Founded by a group of LGBTI young people, Aleanca supports LGBTI youth in Albania. In addition to producing regular community events, Aleanca also focuses on raising awareness around LGBTI issues as well as advocacy and lobbying for LGBTI rights. This campaign will support Aleanca’s mission, as well as funding the first LGBTI youth shelter in the region.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality at Tides Foundation, which supports  the work of LGBTI organizations working in low- and middle-income countries. We will recommend that proceeds from this campaign go to Aleanca.

East Africa Chicken Farm

Providing Economic Independence to Lesbian Refugees in eastern Africa

Executed in partnership with the Mossier Social Action and Innovation Center, this campaign benefits lesbian entrepreneurs who are developing chicken farms in refugee camps. The farms create a foundation for economic growth, enabling LGBTI refugees to support their children and sustain their economic independence.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality at Tides Foundation, which supports  the work of LGBTI organizations working in low- and middle-countries. We will recommend that funds from these donations go to the chicken farm.

Lavender Acres

Uganda’s First Trans-Owned Pig Farm Empowering Members of the LGBTI Community

Lavender Acres is a revolutionary project led by transgender people that brings the benefits of a pig farm’s operations–employment, business management experience, entrepreneurship, and food–to Uganda’s LGBTI community. Employees at Lavender Acres are trained in investing in their own sustainable businesses. This, in turn, will help LGBTI Ugandans become full, respected participants in their country’s economy.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality at Tides Foundation, which supports  the work of LGBTI organizations working in low- and middle-income countries. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to Lavender Acres.