Securing Equality for Transgender People in Thailand This campaign aims to combat transphobia and promote acceptance by contributing to the
  The Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa is a pan-African feminist organization based in Johannesburg. Its work is focused
Support LGBTI refugees and other people impacted by crises across the Arab world Support two organizations, HELEM and the Arab
Support Health and Human Rights Advocates in Cameroon, West Africa ca More LGBTI people are arrested in Cameroon than in
Homosexuality has been decriminalized in the Ukraine since the Soviet Union’s fall, in the early 1990s. But LGBTI people in
  Providing Disaster Relief to the LGBTI Persons in the Caribbean LGBTI people have been left out of Caribbean disaster
Creating Community for LGBTI Youth in Albania Founded by a group of LGBTI young people, Aleanca supports LGBTI youth in
Providing Economic Independence to Lesbian Refugees in eastern Africa Executed in partnership with the Mossier Social Action and Innovation Center,
Uganda’s First Trans-Owned Pig Farm Empowering Members of the LGBTI Community Lavender Acres is a revolutionary project led by transgender