Fulcrum Ukraine’s LGBTQ+ Community

Fulcrum, founded in 2009, promotes the rights of LGBTQ+ people in Ukraine. It is one of the most visible and active LGBTQ+ organizations in the country, focusing on community mobilization efforts, advocacy, and public awareness campaigns. Despite significant gaps in the protection of the LGBTQ+ people, Ukraine has one of the largest and most vibrant communities in Eastern Europe with a wider range of freedoms than most countries in the region. 

The war that started when Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24 has devastated the country and LGBTQ+ communities, who were already marginalized. Many have been forced to flee Kyiv and Kharkiv, two of the biggest cities with largest LGBTQ+ communities in Ukraine, to seek safety in the west of the country. The situation is even more severe for transgender individuals, who are unable to access the support they require, and some are denied border crossing and facing violence and gender discrimination. As a response, and since day one of the conflict, Fulcrum has been working to protect its community. They have set up two LGTBQ+ shelters in Lviv offering accommodation and support to approximately 100 individuals. They have rented non-residential spaces and adapted them to offer acceptable living conditions, including the purchase and installation of boilers, heaters, washing machines, showers, WiFi, beds, and other basic necessities. 

The Rustin Fund is partnering with Fulcrum to raise funds for this urgent cause. Your campaign donations will support vital activities such as: 

Evacuation of LGBTQ+ persons from areas at risk of continued military attacks

Providing temporary and safe housing at one of 2 shelters for LGBT+ people in Lviv, including internet access, food, clothes, and hygiene products

Logistical and legal support to leave Ukraine for other safe EU countries in cooperation with other LGBTQ+ charities

Medical and psychological support and supplies, including referrals and access treatment for HIV positive persons

Financial support, especially to those who lost jobs

Ukraine’s LGBTQ+ Community Needs Your Support. Please consider donating to support Fulcrum and help keep LGBT+ Ukrainians safe. Stand with Ukraine!

The Rustin Fund board of directors retains discretion over the use of funds.

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