Creme de la Creme House of Fame (CDLC)

Nigeria Trans/Non-Binary Community about to lose Shelter 

Creme de la Creme House of Fame (CDLC) is a transgender (trans)-led advocacy and community service organization based in Abuja, Nigeria.  Established in 2016, our aim to improve the lives of Nigerian trans and non-binary individuals, with a focus on health services access, safety and security, human rights and educational opportunities.  Over the past four years, CDLC has provided safe shelter and health services for hundreds of trans and non-binary persons in Lagos and Abuja respectively. Due to extreme transphobia in Nigeria, LGBTI persons are often “kicked out” of their families and homes, and left to fend for themselves. CDLC was formed by our community to assist others in dire need.  

For the past three years, with the asssitance of several individual and institutional donors, CDLC has been operating two safe houses (one in Abuja and one in Lagos) and offered over 100 Trans/non-binary persons refugee and relief from the extremes of transphobia in Nigerian society.  We offer safe temporary short term housing for those in need, a safe space for others to socialize and find community, and access to gender affirming health services.  We also work to assist our community members in securing job skills training, employment and educational opportunities. These relatively modest homes have been life savers for so many.  

During COVID, with such severe restrictions and lockdowns, the economy plunged and many in our community had few safety nets to fall back on.  As well, several of our individual donors have struggled to support us financially.  Also, as a result of upcoming federal elections, the Nigerian Parliament is currently debating a “cross dressing” bill that would criminalize trans and non-binary people.  Putting all these factors together, our community is very scared.  

We have an urgent need to cover the rent of our safe houses.  We owe our landlords rent (which is pre-paid once per year) and are in need of $6400 to cover rent for these community centers/homes. While the upkeep of the safe house require additional funds (e.g. food, electricity, water), we aim to work within the community to cover those costs as we have in the past.

Creme de la Creme House of Fame is keen to partner with the Rustin Fund and others during Pride Month 2022 to support trans and non-binary communities in Nigeria.  Can you assist us with a tax deductible contribution in paying the rent?  $10, $50, $100, $1000…any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Check us out at:

Intagram: @cdlcf

Twitter: @cdlc_foudation

Facebook: Crème de la crème house of fame foundation

The Rustin Fund board of directors retains discretion over the use of funds.

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