Please help support Aleanca in protecting the rights of LGBTQI+ people in Albania.

Aleanca is a grassroots LGBTQI organization in Albania. In recent years, they trained at least 500 police officers, 200 teachers, 100 school psychologists, journalists, and family doctors. They advocate for same-sex partnerships and gender recognition and work to ensure all Albanians can live freely with dignity and without discrimination. During the pandemic, they provided food packages to more than 500 LGBTI people and rent reimbursement to at least 100 community members. They continue to distribute food packages and rent/medication reimbursement due to the country’s economic crisis and overall lack of services. They also provide rapid HIV testing and access to mental health care.  

Please help them further equality and inclusion by donating to their campaign to support the most marginalized in their community who are still hit hard by the lasting impact of COVID and the economic impact of inflation.

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