APCOM 6th HERO Awards 2022

25 November 2022 

Standing for HIV, Equality, and Rights, the HERO Awards is an annual event that acknowledges outstanding service to the HIV response in Asia and the Pacific, and to the region’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) communities

The 6th HERO Awards 2022 will be hosted under the concept of “Unity&Diversity” at Australian Embassy, Bangkok on Friday 25 November 2022. The event is also a fundraiser for the Bangkok-based APCOM Foundation, a leading NGO which works to fight HIV and advance LGBTQI health and rights across the Asia Pacific region. APCOM partners with over 200 community organizations in 35 countries to promote the health and human rights of LGBTQI+ people. APCOM works with communities, governments, and development agencies to ensure LGBTQI+ people are included, as well as fight the impact stigma, discrimination and violence have on LGBTQI+ people.

You can also be a hero!

APCOM’s survey of the LGBTQI+ situation in Thailand and in the region during the COVID-19 pandemic found that mental health issues mainly in anxiety, depression, and helplessness, and hopelessness due to joblessness and/or loss of income, particularly for trans people and people living with HIV. Some respondents reported cases of discrimination and violence due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, and/or living with HIV.

You can be a hero by supporting APCOM emergency fund and sponsoring the event to ensure that those most marginalized and affected by the pandemic can rebuild their livelihoods. The Rustin Fund for Global Equality is partnering with APCOM, a long-standing grantee partner, to support a fundraising campaign linked to the HERO awards. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation via the Rustin Fund for Global Equality. 100% of your support will go directly to APCOM for emergency support to LGBTQI individuals in the Asia-Pacific region.

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To find out more about the HERO Awards, check here


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