alQawsThe Last Ten | Since forming ten years ago, alQaws has emerged as the leading grassroots Palestinian LGBT/queer-led movement supporting individuals, building up communities, and transforming society across divisions—colonial, cultural, social, economic, etc.

Our work began in Jerusalem with a handful of activists seeking space to gather and with a vision for a society that embraces gender and sexual diversity. It has grown to include centralized hubs of work and spaces in 4 cities (and expanding), and programs and projects that reach LGBTQ individuals, youth, and communities, as well teachers, families, mental health professionals, musicians, journalists, civil society organizations, and more.

Celebrating Ten | Today, alQaws is Palestinian society’s largest and most influential organization working on LGBTQ and broader sexual and gender diversity issues. Our strategies for social change emerge from local LGBT/queer needs and experiences, and our programs are locally relevant. We work across four interlinked areas:

Counseling & Services: with our alKhat National Listening and Information hotline, TransFocus program and advocacy amongst mental health professionals.

Communities & Outreach: with youth groups, community spaces, outreach programs, and leadership and capacity building.

Training & Advocacy: with trainings, advocacy with civil society organizations, high schools, professional networks, and families,

Culture & Media: with social media campaigns, youth-oriented comics and music.

The Next Ten | As we move forward into the next decade, we are committed to increasing our outreach to LGBT/queer Palestinian communities in more remote areas (outside the hubs we have established and thrived in), and increasing our visibility across our society to grow an even larger and more impactful movement.

2. Sustain Your Support

Celebrate 10 years with a pledge $10 or more per month. Your ongoing support is so important to us that choosing the monthly option at any level means that you receive all the benefits for all levels!

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We value our connections to others above all else–friends, family, and social and professional networks drive the success of our work and keep us motivated in the face of hardship. Amplify what you can give and help us grow our network of support by sharing this campaign amongst your connections. Do you have 10 friends who can give $10? Do you have 10 friends who might together match your support of $500? Think of possibilities within your reach–let’s show the power of the crowd to support a queer Palestinian movement!  (offer an extra reward/recognition for people who let you know they got ten friends to support?


The Equality Hub

In Under The Rainbow, a Nigerian lesbian narrates her journey of self-discovery. As she takes us through her experiences, we see firsthand what it is to be homosexual in an unforgivingly homophobic society, and the total alienation that can come from being despised, ostracized and ridiculed by the ones you love. This is a story of rejection and loss, but also a powerful story of triumph that comes with love.
This is not just any donation – this is your opportunity to play your role in ensuring that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice.
Your support will help change hearts towards acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria. We believe that visual storytelling has the power to create social change. It will help to make sure that the future generations of LGBT Nigerians don’t have to grow up in the same homophobic society that exists today.
We’ve already secured the funding to complete the film. That takes care of the first part of the overall project. The second part of the project is the engagement part – making sure that the people who need to see the film actually see the film.


Thai Transgender Alliance

Securing Equality for Transgender People in Thailand
This campaign aims to combat transphobia and promote acceptance by contributing to the organizing efforts of groups, including the Thai Transgender Foundation. The Thai Transgender Foundation advocates for an improved quality of life for trans people in Thailand, working to raise awareness and secure equality under the law.

The Rustin Fund for Global Equality is a fund of the Tides Foundation, which retains discretion over the use of funds.



The Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa is a pan-African feminist organization based in Johannesburg. Its work is focused on strategic litigation to improve the human and sexual rights of women across Africa. The work is based on the belief that strategic litigation is a powerful tool for social change. The organization works to expand the pool of lawyers who can successfully promote human and sexual rights issues, and hold governments and institutions accountable for human rights violations.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, which supports the work of LGBTI organizations working in developing economies. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to ISLA.


Support LGBTI refugees and other people impacted by crises across the Arab world
Support two organizations, HELEM and the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), which are based in Lebanon and work with LGBTI refugees and other people across the region.

AFE’s core purpose is enable lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to become full, respected participants in societies across the Middle East and North Africa. Much of the work centers on HIV prevention and treatment, especially among men who have sex with men. It also documents the growth of the region’s gender and sexual freedom movements, and works on security and censorship issues that often inhibit freedom.

HELEM is a Beirut-based organization that works to protect and expand the rights of LGBTI people in Lebanon.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, which supports the work of LGBTI organizations working in developing economies. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to HELEM and AFE.

Alternatives Cameroun

Support Health and Human Rights Advocates in Cameroon, West Africa

More LGBTI people are arrested in Cameroon than in any other country in the world. Since 1996, Alternates for Cameroun has been working to promote health and human rights for LGBTI people. Your contribution to this campaign will empower individuals and the community in their quest for tolerance, dignity, health, and security.

Contributions to this campaign will go to the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, which supports the work of LGBTI organizations working in developing economies. We will recommend that proceeds from these donations go to Alternatives Cameroun.